Friday, November 30, 2007

so day one is done...

Well, today went well.
All drivers are comfortable. Night practice/qualifying was a bit messay as cars were going off a lot and the track was a mess. We had a hard time finding clean track. Carlo qulaified the car but was about 2.5 seconds off our fast pace as traffic was a mess. So we are sitting 12th in class (of about 21 cars), 35th overall (of about 70-something cars). We had no major work to do on the car. While many tteams were repairng wounded cars, we just prepped ours for the race. Tomorrow's driver lineup is Carlo, Rick, Ron, then Johnny. My first stint will be as night falls and I love the dark, so should be good.
We ended the day with a team dinner and went over the overall strategy for the race and we are ready to roll.

There are a lot of cars and people here. You can see that from the driver meeting photo.

Below are a few pics from the day. Enjoy and stay tuned. Tomorrow we will have an internet connection and will work hard to keep this thing updated a lot.

Wish us luck!

posted by: Johnny K


Jon Z. said...

The weather was great today and all the changes to the car are paying off with a well mannered and competitive car for the long race ahead.

The drivers all did a great job and the car always came back as it left. The crew is ready and all the stop practices went very well and should help keep us in the heat of battle all night long.

The weather forcast looks pretty good but the wind and cold night temperatures will keep us searching for a warm shelter as we push on through the night.

More to come........

Frank D. said...

Good luck TC Motorsports / EGO team. Thanks for the updates. Have a great race.

Frank DiMiceli
Renton, WA