Sunday, December 2, 2007

4 hour tripple

I just finished up my extended triple stint, which equaled about 4 hours. Conditions were not so great, but man was it fun! It started dry and began to rain, then rained harder. Once in the wet, we were fast, I guess. The in-car timer was not working, so I really didn't know where we were. From what I hear from the crew we were the fastest in class in the wet and in the top 5-fastest cars on track. We opted to stay out on Intermediate tires and slid our way around as the track eventually dried up. I was able to make up a bunch of time while out there. For my last few laps, there was a distinctive dry line, but it was still a bit narrow. So, you couldn't run wide in certain corners without slippin and sliding. towards the end of my stint, I picked up a light vibration in the left rear. We changed the wheel once I made my stop. Ron is now in the car and was tapped from behind, resulting in a vibration in the car. We brought him in and changed out the right front tire, he's back on track.

off to grab some breakfast casarole. ummmmmmm

20:24 in
21st overall, 9th in class

posted by: johnny K


danny said...

Very Very good job johnny

R Yersak Motorsports said...

Great job, Johnny. Well done!

And kudos to the whole crew, outstanding efforts!

Greg Bush said...

Good job so far guys, keep it up and keep warm.

p.s. More baby pictures please.

Will Schrader said...

Thanks for the picture....more more!What a doll she is,if you ever need a babysitter while in Portland give us a call..............Oh yeah,keep racin too.

frank d said...

Great driving and great pit stops Team TCM/EGO! Go get 'em the final three hours!

Frank DiMiceli
Renton, WA