Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rain continues... so does Johnny

Johnny is feeling good in the car and will stay out for a triple stint in the rain. He has been in the car for three hours already and going for another one hour+! Johnny is the man!

The rain continues to be light and off and on. Still ink black in the sky.

Ron will get in the car when Johnny gets out at 7 am.

With all unscheduled stops we have made we are now running 9th in class and 21st overall. Johnny is turning laps about 8-10 seconds faster then our nearest competitor, so we are catching up.

It's not so cold anymore and we have about six hours to go.

Posted by Carlo Sparacio


TCM Fan said...

Carlo, YOU are the man.

johnnyK is just following your lead!

Aqui Estoy said...

Wish I was also part of the action...maybe next year I may I have the honor to drive with you guys! Bendiciones!

R Yesak Motorsports said...

4th hour, pitch black, wet track...8 to 10 seconds faster than the competion??!!

Amazing! Gooooo Johnny!!!

Aqui Estoy said...

Yes!! 8 to 10 seconds in those conditions is incredible!!! thats awsome Johnny!!