Sunday, December 2, 2007

E1 Standings with 40 Minutes Remaining

Here are how things stand in E1 right now:

Honda Research
GOTO Racing
Road Shagger Racing
B&B Tantrum #1
GTI Racing
Acutech Racing
TC Motorsports/EGO Racing
Plus 10 other teams behind....

We are 4 laps ahead of 10th place, so we're looking good. There's a great battle between 1st and 2nd. They are on the same lap and are swaping the lead back and forth.

It's still cold here, but no snow.


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Anonymous said...

I know you all LOVE racing - but Bernie and I LOVE the pics of Giulia and Taryn...and the food, MO! Lookin' good all the way around...thinking of you with love and admiration! Carol (and Bernie, too)

See ya next weekend!!! LYL carol