Saturday, December 1, 2007

Going the Distance

The team's decided to keep Johnny out and not bring him in for any repairs since he's running consistent, fast laps. Looks like a little adversity doesn't slow Johnny down. With the extra fuel we put on board during the unscheduled stop, Johnny's going to be driving a nice, long stint. Carlo's scheduled to get into the car next.

The wind is starting to pick up a bit. The temperature is 41 degrees sheltered from the wind and dropping. No rain so far and clear skies (as much as we can see in the dark).



danny said...

Good move
Keep going johnny

Bessie said...

Just got home from work and LOVE the recap of the day's events. There is more than 6 inches of snow on the ground here and driving home was an adventure. I'm thankful that my neighbor helped me put my snow tires on this morning--I definitely would not have made it home. I usually have a crew chief that takes care of those things, but, he went to some endurance race in California.

Keep up the good work...I so wish I was there with you....

Love you all!!!

Renton, WA

YORK Group said...

Stay warm all! Go fast drivers!

Kevin and Evan York
YORK Motorsport