Saturday, December 1, 2007

another one./..

Carlo just got pushed off the outside of the very fast turn 8. After a little off-roading, he made it back on only to lose power in turn 9. After waiting for a tow, we got him in and attacked the car. The fix was simple. The ground wire for the fuel pump had come lose.

We're back out.

12:41 in
24th overall, 9th in class

posted by: johnny K

UPDATE: 12:53 - a miata blew up on the front straight and parked on the outside of turn 1. The car sat, on fire, until the firetruck came. Carlo was on track and hit some of the oil that was laid down. He just did a simple off and back on track.... we're ok...

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Anonymous said...

Which teams miata blew up? Driver ok?