Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dinner is Served!

Piping hot wedding soup and garlic bread have just been served! Mo has been serving us yummy food all day. We can't wait for chili in the middle of the night. Thanks for taking care of us, Mo!

In other news, Baby Giulia Sparacio (age 6 weeks 4 days old) is enjoying her first 25 hour race. We've been watching the race from various vantage points around the track in between naps. We'll see how she does tonight and into the morning.



Anonymous said...

Does anyone want to tell the frost team to update their blog! gezh! keep up with the good work! :)

Frank D said...

Carlo, Taryn, and Team TCM/EGO,

Keep up the great effort down there. Enjoy dinner, stay warm, and keep driving fast!

Thanks for the great updates.

Frank DiMiceli
Renton, WA

P.S. Snow here today....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the punctual updates. Been looking around for info/updates on the race. Great pic of Baby Giulia!

Will check in later tonight.

AKA - smtejas

Will Schrader said...

Keep the baby pictures coming.I wish I was there just for the food and good company.Be safe.