Saturday, December 1, 2007

what a mess

11:07 in

Well I just came in from my stint which was a mess. There is some interesting driving going on out there... A "not so smart' move by red car pushed me into a Honda which knocked the toe out of the car and made for some intersting line adjustments. This was after about 3 caution periods for various stuff. We pitted, checked the car over and took on fuel. Once I learned what the car wanted to do, in its new state, I settled into a rhythm. We were able to run consistent laps and pick off traffic failry well. Then, all of a sudden, the car began to feel like it was running out of fuel. We pitted, found some dirt in the air filter and a right rear tire that was rubbing due to our newly modified rear fender lip (thanks red car). The crew changed the tire and Carlo hopped in. He's running lap times nearly identical to mine and should be in for about 2 hours.

18th overall, 7th in class

posted by: johnny K


YORK Group said...

Frustrating for sure. But don't forget who your teamed with johnny K!

TCM will endure!!

Hang tough and get some rest.

Kevin and Evan York
YORK Motorsport

danny said...

You did good jonhnny
hang in there

R Yersak Motorsports said...

Great job, Johnny...way to keep it out there and hold position. Keep at it guys!

Micci said...

Thanks for the updates and pictures. Sure wish I could be there to see it all. Keep up the great work!!!

Eileen said...

Wow, sounds like it's being an exciting race so far and that you're handling all the "interesting" events in a very calm, professional manner. Good job! This blog reading thing is cool. Thanks for keeping us all updated. It will be the first thing I look at in the morning (I get to go to bed, don't ya know).

Eileen (Giulia's great aunt)

Anonymous said...


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